Holding an advanced workshop of saypha fillers in Kish

The most professional and unique aesthetic workshop with subject of “Advanced face contouring centered with combination therapies” has been held by Kimiara sponsorship with presentation of the most proficient and prominent aesthetic trainer Dr Ahmad Nazari has been held by Kimiara sponsorship in kish island of Iran with the participants of 43 well known aesthetic physicians on 4th to 6th of January for 3 days with duration of 23 hours.

What makes this workshop so eminent and distinguished, is the unique specialized subjects and techniques in aesthetic field that is mentioned below:

1- Practical, descriptive and technical anatomy of facial soft tissue

2- Principles of architecture and face aesthetic criteria in approaches:

  • A: Evaluation of facial features in silent mode
  • B: Evaluation of facial features in functional mode
  • C: Evaluation effects of facial expressions on social communication indicators

3- Contouring techniques based on:

  • A: Reform
  • B: Asymmetry
  • C: Correction of muscle and soft tissue function
  • D: Improving the psychological features of the face

4- Contouring based on complementary and combined plans including:

  • A: Functional balance of facial muscles with Botox
  • B: Volume compensation, contouring and reconstruction with filler
  • C: Support and transfer of soft tissue with thread
  • D: Complementary treatments with Haifu, peeling and…

These techniques were practically performed on model Furthermore two online courses with duration of 8 hours will be formed to disseminate the educated topics.

Kish saypha workshop Kish saypha workshop

The positive feedback of physicians about this professional workshop was very remarkable, which clearly is shown by their positive comments on their pages in social media and also their desire to participate in the online courses as well as the next face-to-face workshops and also has converted these physicians as saypha filler users.

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