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History of Kimiara Company

Kimiaara Pharmaceutical Company was established in 2005 as one of the subsidiaries of Ahran Tejarat Group. Since its establishment, Kimiara Company has started importing some of the specialized medicines required in the country, by representing some of the most well-known and reputable pharmaceutical companies in the world and gradually expanded its domain of activity and entered to supply the country required APIs. Currently, it is one of the top 5 companies in the field of supplying APIs required by the manufacturers.Kimiara Company has developed its activities in the field of production of specialized medicines and food supplements, by utilizing the latest knowledge and technology in the world, along with national policies of supporting manufacturing in the country. Kimiara company is a potent company as a leader in manufacturing high qualified specialized medicines bioequivalent to the originators in the world.Kimiara company manufactures its products in Anidarman factories which belong to Ahran tejarat pharmaceutical group. Anidarman is one of the top factories in the country in terms of technology, advanced machinery, manufacturing line according to international standards and GMP approved by the Food and Drug Administration.


گواهی نامه ایزو
گواهی نامه ایزو MTIC

Supply and Procurement Department

Supply chain is a network of processes, so that their ultimate goal is the supply of goods and includes suppliers, manufacturers, distributors who work together in a coordinated and coherent manner

Producing section

Signing contracts with reputable pharmaceutical companies in the country, for the contract production of pharmaceutical products and providing the necessary facilities and information from research and development to industrial batch production and intra-organizational and extra-organizational coordination to produce products required by the country’s market and quality Acceptable and approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the job description of the production unit of Kimiara Company.

Business Development Department

In the business development department of this company, we identify the sales trend of products and through this, we expand our business by adding new products and business partners.

Sales and marketing department

Sales include the operation and sale of goods or services, and marketing involves the process or method of advertising, selling, and distributing a product or service

Regulatory section

The regulatory unit is an important part of the administrative structure of pharmaceutical companies. Establishing a relationship between the drug development unit, production, import, marketing and sales within the company and continuous communication with outside legislative institutions, including the Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Health are the duties of this unit. Also, all the steps of importing and producing a process and then following up the product after it is offered to the consumer market are the duties of this unit.

Business Support Department

The person in charge of supporting the business is the person who is responsible for supervising the daily activities of the business in the company.

Raw materials API department

We import pharmaceutical raw materials (APIs) to the Iranian market and try our best to provide the best after-sales service for our customers.

Medical section

Among the responsibilities of the medical department are examining the effectiveness of drugs, providing scientific advice to specialists, preparing scientific documentation for drugs, training scientific representatives, and holding scientific lectures for physicians, nurses, and patients. Act as the medical conscience of the company; ensure adherence to relevant legal requirements and guidelines; provide a medical perspective to product development; and provide the medical input to the servicing and support of marketed products throughout their life cycle.

Financial department

The financial department is responsible for managing and handling all financial matters, including planning, organizing, reporting and VAT, and other legal matters.