Kimiara company advisory board

Scientific meeting (advisory board) of Kimiara company regarding the position of Lepronzo (eplerenone 25 and 50) in the treatment of heart failure and hypertension on 10 September 2022 with the presence of experts of the Iranian Cardiology and Nephrology society, including:

  • Dr. Ghasemi (President of Iranian Atherosclerosis Association)
  • Dr. Sezavar
  • Dr. Navid
  • Dr. Riahi
  • Dr. Sharif Kashani
  • Dr. Organi
  • Dr. Haj Ahmadi
  • Dr. Naderi
  • Dr. Tagvi

and Dr. Mahmoudi.

In this meeting, the main position of Lepronzo (eplerenone) in the treatment of heart failure, which is class one, and its indication in hypertension were evaluated.

The physicians believed that mineralocorticoid antagonists are in the first line of the treatment along with other drugs in the heart failure and have impressive effect on the progress of heart failure.

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