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Isfahan Scientific Morning

A scientific morning related to symptomatic and asymptomatic hyperuricemia and its prevalence in Iran and the world was held on January 4, 2024, in Esfahan’s Khorshid Nephrology & Transplantation Hospital by Kimiara Company.

In this meeting, Dr. Rahimi, medical advisor of company, discussed about the treatment protocol for symptomatic hyperuricemia according to the latest ACR guidelines, as well as the prescription of blood uric acid-lowering drugs in hyperuricemic patients without clinical symptoms in high-risk patients, including patients with moderate to severe renal failure , peri dialysis and dialysis, kidney stone and kidney transplant.

This scientific morning was held on Thursday, January 4, 2024.

Isfahan Scientific Morning

with the presence of respected professors of nephrology and kidney transplantation:

  • Dr. Mozhgan Mortazavi
  • Dr. Shahrzad Shahidi
  • Dr. Reyhaneh Motamedifar
  • Dr. Elham Kaviri
  • Dr. Shirin Meshkin far
  • Dr. Farzan Heidari
  • Dr. Abdolamir Atapour
  • Dr. Mohammad Matinfar
  • And also, internal residents.

At the end of this session, precious professors commented on the comparison of the efficacy and safety of febuxostat molecule and its superiority over allopurinol in various hyperuricemic and kidney failure patients.

Isfahan Scientific Morning Isfahan Scientific Morning

The febuxostat molecule bioequivalence studies about Febix with Adenoric brand of Menarini company were investigated, and the results show that Febix is therapeutically equivalent to the originator of Menarini company according to the bioequivalence criteria approved by FDA.

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