Women's health gel 300 ml

Indications: Betadine Women’s Daily Health Gel and Foam is specially designed to meet the health needs of the female genital area.

Betadine daily hygienic gel and foam pH It balances the female genital area and protects the unpleasant environment by creating a suitable environment for the growth of normal flora.

This product contains a unique triple system (Tricare) Comes with probiotics (Biolin) Which prevents the occurrence of unwanted complications caused by disruption pH Becomes the genital area.

Triple protection system (Tricare):

Imortel (Imortelle):: Natural antioxidant to maintain the skin’s natural moisture

Deoplex(Deoplex):: Natural scent and create a pleasant smell

Sirikam(Syricalm):: Softness and reduction of inflammation and redness

Betadine Women’s Daily Hygiene Gel and Foam is free of parabens, soaps, dyes and any allergens.

Betadine Women’s Daily Hygiene Gel and Foam does not contain povidone-iodine.

How to use: First, wash your hands thoroughly, apply some gel on your hands. Then, soak the genital area in betadine wash gel and wash with lukewarm water.