In many people who are exposed to a number of compounds including plant allergens, fungal spores, dust, animal dandruff, chemical compounds including detergents, perfumes, drugs such as solutions used in lenses, eye drops containing antihistamines, decongestants Corticosteroids are allergic, and eye allergies can develop as inflammation of the conjunctiva, which can affect people of all ages, including young people and children. Allergy eye drops Betadine isotonic solution containing actin 2%, a unique and natural molecule with its high hydrophilic properties, by absorbing water molecules, creates a protective layer on the surface of the mucosa, from contact and penetration of allergens and agents Prevents pathogenesis of the eye mucosa. To prevent and treat conjunctivitis, eye allergies and allergies have been used, and with the protective properties and stability of the cell membrane, the sensitive conjunctiva of the eye is protected against allergen damage and repairs and regenerates the damaged conjunctiva of the eye and effectively treats the symptoms. Improves eye sensitivity and allergies including redness, itching, eyelid swelling and tearing. Multi-dose bottle Allergy eye drops Betadine free of any preservatives, with its distinctive structure, including disinfection of the air entering the bottle, controlling the fall of a specific drop in the eye, keeps the patient safe and healthy, thus for all people, including women Pregnant women, lactating women, the elderly and sensitive groups including people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, children, people who wear contact lenses, sensitive eyes and people with eye drops containing antihistamines, corticosteroids And decongestants suffer, it’s convenient.