Betadine Wash 50 ML

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Betadine Wash: 100 Ml


Indication: Daily Intimate Cleanser Range* is specially designed for women’s daily feminine hygiene needs.

It supports the intimate area’s natural pH balance, maintaining a healthy environment for the growth of beneficial flora for protection against feminine discomforts.

It contains a unique Tri-Care™ formula with prebiotics that protects against the unwanted symptoms associated with imbalance.

Immortelle: a Natural antioxidant that helps improve skins natural moisture.

Deoplex: A natural extract that provides odour neutralization

Syricalm: Natural active ingredient that soothes the skin and reduces skin redness and irritation.

Betadin daily Intimate cleansers are Soap, Parabens, Colorant Free and Hypoallergenic


Betadine daily Intimate cleansers are Povidone Iodine-Free

Direction For Use:

Pour Betadin Daily Intimate wash or Foam on to you your moist hand. Apply on your Intimate area then rinse thoroughly.

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