Many people experience symptoms of allergies and seasonal allergies including: They suffer from itching, runny and stuffy nose, itching, redness and tears of the eyes, cough, frequent sneezing, itchy throat and finally severe fatigue. Many of these people are dissatisfied with the annoying side effects of various chemical drugs they use to relieve their seasonal allergies and seek natural and reliable treatment methods.

Betadine Seasonal Allergy and Seasonal Allergy Spray is an isotonic solution containing actin 2%, which is a unique and natural molecule that forms a protective aqueous layer on the surface of the nasal mucosa due to its strong hydrophilic properties. Various allergens inside and outside the house are injected into the nasal mucosa and all the relevant symptoms of inflammation caused by allergies and seasonal allergies are eliminated. With its unique treatment method and the formation of resistant hydrocomplexes on the surface of the nasal mucosa, Actoin causes strong hydration, stability and regeneration of the nasal mucosa, and eliminates the symptoms of dryness and severe damage to the nasal mucosa due to seasonal allergic inflammation. Betadine allergy relief spray due to its actin as a natural molecule, for the prevention and treatment of inflammation of the nasal mucosa caused by allergies and seasonal allergies, for sensitive groups, people resistant to corticosteroids, antihistamines and decongestants, adults and Suitable for children under 10 years, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.