Kimiara Company

Kimiara is representing some globally well-known pharmaceutical companies in affiliation with Ahran Group which is considered as one of the largest Iranian pharmaceutical groups. At present, Kimia Ara Company represents a number of the most well-known pharmaceutical companies in the world and is also developing its activities in the field of drug production development.

Holding Saypha dermal fillers’ workshop in Tabriz

Saypha training workshop with the presence of aesthetic physicians from Tabriz, Urmia and Ardabil was held on 12 December 1400 in Laleh Park Hotel in Tabriz. In this workshop, in addition to introducing the advantages of Saypha dermal filler due to its unique technology named MACRO, Dr. Mehdi Osia, practically trained the injection of Saypha volume lidocaine and Saypha filler lidocaine.
Croma, the Austrian company, due to the use of advanced technology in the production of dermal fillers, has launched high-quality Saypha dermal filler with optimal volumising, natural and long lasting effects, without any side effects and more than 98% satisfaction rate among physicians and patients.

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