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Each capsule contains Danazol 100/200 mg

Dosage Form

DANAZOL  is for oral administration only.


Endometriosis as sole therapy or in conjunction with surgery to control symptoms ,e.g. pain and pelvic tenderness , and to resolve and reduce the extent of endometriotic foci; Severe cyclical mastalgia with or without nodularity  ( synonym: Fibrocystic breast disease, mazoplasia, mastodynia, ) unresponsive to counseling or simple analgesics to reduce pain, tenderness and nodularity; Benign multiple or recurrent breast cysts ( synonym: chronic cystic mastitis ) to reduce the need for surgical aspiration; Dysfunctional uterine bleeding , presenting as menorrhagia ( synonym: Primary menorrhagia ), to control excessive blood loss and associated dysmenorrheal; Hereditary angioedema to correct partially or completely the underlying biochemical abnormality and its clinical consequences. 
Severe symptomatic gynecomastia, both idiopathic and drug-induced, to reduce the size of the breast and to control associated pain and tenderness.