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Cromal is a presentation for inhalation of sodium cromoglicate
BP 20mg in micronised powder form. It is presented in a yellow/
colourless, transparent, hard gelatin capsule.
Cromal is indicated for the preventive treatment of bronchial
asthma which may be due to allergy, exercise, cold air or
chemical and occupational irritants. Sodium cromoglicate inhibits
the release from sensitised mast cells of mediators of the allergic
reaction. In the lung this inhibition of mediator release prevents
both the immediate and late asthmatic response to
immunological stimuli. Sodium cromoglicate also prevents the
bronchoconstriction caused by exercise, cold air and chemical


Dosage and Administration

Cromal is presented in a single dose Inhalation Capsule, for
use with an appropriate dry powderinhalation device. Inhalation
of the drug is controlled by the patient’s inspiratory effort. Cromal
is not effective if the capsule is swallowed because the prevention
of the asthmatic attack depends upon local application to the

Dosage : Since Cromal therapy is essentially preventive, it is
important that the patient is instructed to maintain regular dosage
as distinct from inhaling the drug intermittently to relieve

Adults and Children : 
The normal dose is one Inhalation Capsule four times daily, ie, one night and morning and at intervals of 3-6 hours in between. It may be necessary to increase this to 6-8 times daily in more severe cases or during periods of
severe antigen challenge. Additional doses may be taken before
exertion to prevent exercise induced asthma or before exposure
to other trigger factors.
When the asthmatic condition is stabilised, it may be possible
to reduce the dosage provided that adequate control of asthma
is maintained.



No current evidence for alteration of the adult dose